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Superyachts vol.III

di AA.VV.

Superyachts vol.III

Articolo esaurito.

euro 160.00
Contattaci per la ricerca del prodotto

248 pagine ISBN: 978189852408
Anno di pubblicazione: 1990

In this, the 3rd volume of The Superyachts, we have improved the scope, content and usefulness of this annual which is recognised as the definative publication devoted to the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world. In this much enlarged volume, the Essays section continues to advise and inform with articles from three authors, whilst in the Yachts section one may again find informative and fully illustrated reviews of 20 superyachts, new and classic, whose designs range from the conservative to the avant-garde. Featuring the positively palatial 63.6-metre Feadship Cedar Sea II, the beautifulled crafted sailing yacht Endeavour and the vastly modern Opal C, to name but a few in this edition.Yachts featured in this book: Albacora of Tortola; Bellissima; Blue Attraction; Cedar Sea II; Christianne B; Columbaio; Dale R II; Endeavour; Faribana; Fiffanella; Gitana; L'Aprilia; Lady Frances; Lady Ghislaine; Land's End; Le Pharaon; Opal ‘C'; Orion; P'zazz; Royal Eagle II; Sea Cloud; Sensation of Auckland; September Blue; Sheergold; Southern Cross III; Stefaren; Talon; TM Blue One.



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