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Superyachts vol.XIX

di AA.VV.

400 pagine ISBN: 978189852476
Anno di pubblicazione: 2005

The 21 yachts in this, the 19th volume of The Superyachts, offer a particularly fine blend of high technology, innovation, restoration and proven design, along with the highest quality of construction. Innovation is represented by the 61.4-metre motor yacht White Rabbit with her trimaran hullform, as well as by the remarkable – some might say eccentric – Polynesian-style proa Asean Lady, whose assymetric accommodation plan occupies a vast area over it's main and outrigger hulls. Beautifully restored classic yachts are represented by Haida G and Talitha G (also discussed in Tara Getty's foreword), these two 'old ladies' having both survived military service in the Second World War. Sailing yachts are also very much in the foreground of this year's volume with Jim Clark's magnificent neo-classic 90-metre schooner Athena, while the beautiful 55-metre Adele combines classic appearance with modern performance. A highly interesting design somewhat half way between sail and power, is represented by the 47.4-metre MITseaAH, her design combining the high-speed performance of a semi-displacement motor yacht with the possibility of crossing oceans under sail, a feat never previously achieved. As always The Superyachts is looking into the design future. Yachts featured in this book: Adele; Asean Lady; Athena; Canica; Ecstasea; Flying Eagle; Galaxy; Ghost; Haida G; Lady Christina; MITseaAH; Northern Star; Parsifal III; Rasselas; Saramour; Sherakhan; Talitha G; The One; Twizzle; White Rabbit.



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