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Superyachts vol.XV

di AA.VV.

336 pagine ISBN: 978189852416
Anno di pubblicazione: 2002

A strong message of this 15th volume of The Superyachts is 'live life to the full - go yachting and have fun'. To help with this aim, we have brought you an excellent blend of superyachts, presenting another 21 newly launched or recently restored vessels, both motor and sail. Among the former, we are proud to present Christina O, the world's 11th largest yacht and quite a vessel of historical significance. Other motor yachts reviewed include the Feadships Cakewalk and Barbara Jean and Oceanco-built Lady Christine, surely some of the most luxurious vessels afloat. We also offer a premium selection of sailing yachts to suit all tastes, from the Perini Navi Thethis, through to the latest Victoria of Strathearn, plus two lovely classics representing different design philopsophies from the 'tween wars era, Shamrock V and Cambria. Yachts featured in this book: Alfa; Alumercia; Anatolia; Aria; Bagatelle; Barbara Jean; Bermie; Cakewalk; Christina O; Fae Lon; Kermit; Kokomo; Lady Christine; Lady Halima; Mosaique; Shamrock V; Slipstream; Solaia; Thetis; Victoria of Strathearn.



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