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Superyachts vol.XVI

di AA.VV.

344 pagine ISBN: 978189852441
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

For this year's volume, the 16th of our publications, The Yachts section, as always, contains a carefully balanced selection of vessels, 6 of which are sailing craft and 15 are motor yachts. The former encompass a wide range of styles: from the magnificently modern Salperton, designed by Ed Dubois and built by Alloy Yachts (this volume offers a foreword by her owner, Barry Houghton); through to the splendidly minimalist Alithia, constructed by Abeking & Rasmussen from the designs of Bill Trip and Andrew Winch; to the lovely schooner Eleonora, inspired by the legendary steel-hulled gaff schooner Westward. At the same time, this volume features a full range of motor yachts from the 81-metre Bart Roberts, a dramatically-decorated, converted commercial vessel, to the small but fully-featured 36-metre Heesen-built motor yacht Duke Town. With such a selection, the 16th volume of The Superyachts will be sure to whet reader's appetites, whatever their preferences. Yachts featured in this book: African Queen; Alexandra; Alithia; Balaju; Bart Roberts; Borkumriff IV; Campbell Ball; Duke Town; Eleonora; Gran Finale; Lady Ann Magee; Lady Lola; Northern Light; Olympia; Patricia; Primadonna; Salperton; Sarah; Teleost; Tueq; Windrose.



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