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Superyachts vol.XVIII

di AA.VV.

Superyachts vol.XVIII

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372 pagine ISBN: 978189852466
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

This 18th volume of The Superyachts includes a foreword by the passionate designer Giorgio Armani, who has turned his eyes to commissioning and designing his 49.9-metre motor yacht, Mariù. Higlighting his desire for a 'floating island' on which he can enjoy 'a degree of isolation', this volume dedicates 6 pages to featuring Armani's effortlessly simplistic designs. With an interesting introduction which sees Roger Lean-Vercoe debating the necessity of 100m + vessels, this edition boasts a healthy 63.6-metre size average of the boats covered, featuring the most splendid and varied selection to appear in The Superyachts so far. Attention must be turned to the elegant 54.2-metre Dubois sailing yacht Tiara, as featured on the front cover. For the discerning admirer of 'big and beautiful' the 114.5-metre Pelorus should not be missed in this volume - her particularly impressive cabin layout permitting guests of a lower deck stateroom to quite literally dive from their suite's sea terrace into the water, a feature rarely seen on a superyacht. Once again 21 crème de la crème vessels have been chosen for this volume, proving that variation is the key. Yachts featured in this book: Alfa Four; Aliska II; Annaliesse; Ilona; Insignia; Invader; Is A Rose; Kwikumat; Mariù; Mirabella V; O'Mega; Pelorus; Petara; Princess; Mariana; Queen M; Sai Ram; Sweet Doll; Tiara; Utopia; Visione; White Rose of Drachs.



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