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Under tow

a canadian history of tugs and towing

di Baird Donal M.

Under tow

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euro 60.00
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282 pagine ISBN: 978155125076
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

Under Tow is the remarkable tale of North American and Western European tugboats and salvage tugs. From the early British and Dutch towing companies to the current Canadian and American conglomerates, towing has been a diverse and economically significant part of trade and commerce. Tugs moved great log booms downstream to pulp and paper mills, pushed sailing ships and huge ocean liners to their berths, towed cargo barges, ranged across oceans and as far as the Arctic. The book takes us from the first steam-powered paddle wheelers to the ultra-modern ocean tugs with sophisticated propulsion and positioning capabilities serving the North Sea oilrigs. Profusely illustrated with photographs from the author's vast collection, with superb line drawings and plans of tugs.



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