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United States Navy diver

performance under pressure

di Lonsdale Mark V.

364 pagine ISBN: 978193053627
Anno di pubblicazione: 2005

With the cooperation of the United States Navy, CHINFO and numerous commands with a diving capability, NAVY DIVER is destined to become the definitive text on US Navy Diving programs today. Whether recovering debris from an air disaster, searching for explosive ordnance, clearing obstacles on an enemy beach, or changing the twenty-ton screws on an aircraft carrier, navy divers perform difficult tasks under cold, dark hazardous conditions. This illustrated reference book is the most comprehensive overview of United States Navy Divers available to the public today. An elaborate, oversized, hard-cover book, packed with full-color photos from the highlights of diving history, navy diving equipment, diver training, and organization to the present day global war on terrorism; it deserves a place of honor on your bookshelf! Although United States Navy Diver; Performance Under Pressure primarily documents navy diving today; the divers, scientists and engineers of the US Navy Diving Program have spent over a century pushing the limits of human endurance and technology to improve both diver safety and operational capabilities. This is their story, their photos and their experiences. Readers will absorb the text and photographs with a feeling of pride and appreciation for those who have proudly served our nation as Navy Divers. Through high-quality, full-color images and accompanying text, NAVY DIVER, will highlight every aspect of navy diving, including: Navy Diving History; Navy Diver Selection & Training; The Experimental Diving Unit; Diving Equipment and Development; Ships Husbandry Divers; Mobile Diving & Salvage Units; Underwater Construction Units; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Navy Seal Teams & SDVs; US Marine Corps Combat Swimmers; Deep Submergence Rescue.



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