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Weather workbook

questions, answers, and resources on marine weather

di Burch David

72 pagine ISBN: 978091402509
Anno di pubblicazione: 2008

This workbook is designed to accompany the text Modern Marine Weather by David Burch (First or Second Edition). It can also be used by those who have learned marine weather from other sources. It provides questions and answers for all aspects of marine weather. This workbook is used in training programs around the US. These are practical questions that every mariner should know the answer to. It is a through overview of the subject. Anyone who answers all of these questions can be confident that they have a firm and practical grasp of marine weather that will enhance their interpretation and planning around the weather. Sections on weather map reading are included. There are multiple choice questions as well as short essay questions all with complete answers. The section called Points to Ponder along with their answers provide a summary of the key decisions that must be made in practical marine weather, both in planning and underway. The book is designed for all mariners, recreational and professional. The level of training covered exceeds that required for any certification or professional license exam.



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