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Working on yachts & superyachts

di Errico Jennifer

252 pagine ISBN: 978185458295
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003

There are over 5,000 superyachts owned by the rich and famous around the world and tens of thousands of smaller vessels offering crewmembers the chance to travel in style while earning an excellent salary. This definitive guide covers the different types of job that can be found worldwide on these yachts, describing the experience and/or qualifications called for and explaining where work for deck hands, cooks, stewards/esses, and engineers can be found. Packed with useful tips, inside information, and addresses, the book is essential reading for the enthusiastic novice and the ocean-hardened professional alike. It gives essential information on what life on board will be like and includes a glossary of nautical terms. Full guidance is given on the different ways of finding work whether in a temporary capacity or as a possible career by using agents, applying via the Internet, and the dock walk. It lists hundreds of marinas around the world from the French Riviera and Majorca to Australia and Florida where owners and skippers are looking for crew. It also contains vivid first hand accounts from people now experiencing this exotic lifestyle and gives details of hundreds of websites covering vacancies, training courses, and agencies.



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