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Yacht designs

revised and expanded

di Garden William

328 pagine ISBN: 978188867123
Anno di pubblicazione: 1998

Bill Garden's classic first volume, revised with double the number of designs included. Dozens of detailed drawings plus delightful descriptions and reminiscences of the boats and the people who loved them. Garden's writing style is just as far-ranging and eclectic as his boats, whimsical and informative, lighthearted yet solidly grounded, serious, thought-provoking and thoroughly engaging. The text accompanying each design centers on the background of each boat rather than on a technical study. Each essay is as different as the boat it describes, sometimes explaining a detail of the buyilding process, or the events that led to a design, or the individuals involved, or the evolution of a yacht type, or Bill's own unique outlook on life and the boats he loves. Also by William Garden, Yacht Designs II, another collection of his designs.



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