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Zero break

an illustrated collection of surf writing 1777-2004

di Warshaw Matt

382 pagine ISBN: 978015602953
Anno di pubblicazione: 2004

The author of The Encyclopedia of Surfing returns with this definitive anthology of the best-ever writing about surfing, illustrated with classic and cutting-edge photographs and artwork. Hip and eclectic, the collection speaks to surfing''s widespread and longstanding appeal: from Mark Twain''s nineteenth-century description in Roughing It to Susan Orlean''s essay on girl surfers in Maui and Tom Wolfe''s "The Pump House Gang." This anthology covers it all-from early surfing literature to descriptions of the sport''s most colorful characters, from hair-raising tales of big-wave surfing to an exploration of surf culture. Includes contributions by: R. Crumb, Daniel Duane, William Finnegan, Rick Griffin, Frederick Kohner, Jack London, Herman Melville, Susan Orlean, Charles Schulz, Mark Twain, and Tom Wolfe.

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