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Golden pastime

a new history of yachting

di Rousmaniere John

240 pagine ISBN: 978039303317
Anno di pubblicazione: 1986

Rousmaniere, a popular American sailing author and historian, has given us a truly beautiful book on the history of yachting. Even though some portions of the book's nine essays previously appeared in the Nautical Quarterly , the book is logically laid out and fits together quite well. The sections cover the "formative years," 1660-1851; the "gaudy years," 1851-1914; and the "amateur years," 1914-1983. There's plenty of historical background on luminaries such as George Crowinshield, J. P. Morgan, and Olin and Rod Stevens, and good coverage of the America's Cup races. Outstanding illustrations, along with oversized, neatly laid out pages of text, make this book special. Well written and thoroughly researched, it is recommended for larger boating collections.



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