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Ivy's journal

her memories of Souht Devon dinghy racing with husband to be Frank Morgan Giles before the Great War

di Shaddick Jane

248 pagine ISBN: 978095423156
Anno di pubblicazione: 2018

Ivy Carus-Wilson married Francis Morgan-Giles in May 1913 and this book describes her early life and her love of competitive sailing in the early 1900's before they were married. An article in the November 1912 issue of 'The Yachting Monthly' magazine described Ivy as the cleverest of lady sailors, equal of most sailormen. In a very short time she became a proficient and very successful dinghy competitor in the West of England Conference dinghy class. The book contains five sections; the first three are Ivy's journal from 1904 to 1911. Ivy's family moved to Shaldon in 1904 and she was immediately fascinated by the river and sea-sports, firstly teaching herself to row up-river and then throwing herself into competitive sailing with vigour. There are very accurate descriptions of all the local regattas, the people that entered them and the skulduggery that went on to win or prevent others from winning, particularly Ivy. Even down to bribing her crew members to 'crew' in a rival's boat. Ivy tells us of the hardships she experienced and the determination she had to win races, of which there were many.   In the fourth section of the book Jane has put Ivy in the context of the time and the influence that such women had in those days of Suffragettes, the difficulties she had with the expectancy of her class and how she managed financially in a family that had only a restricted income. This section also gives us an insight into the early career of Francis Morgan-Giles and their growing relationship until their marriage. Part five is a facsimile of the Morgan Giles and May sales booklet from 1911, possibly produced for the Olympia Aero & Motor Boat Exhibition of that year. This gives us a good insight into the prolific restricted classes of dinghies that existed at that time as well as the commercially available dinghies and other small craft available for general use, giving us further insight into the skill and design expertise of Morgan-Giles. This book gives a very clear picture of the dinghy racing world of the time, it is full of interesting facts, anecdotes and relationships of the people that took part as well as the background to the Morgan Giles story. Those who have an interest in these early days of competitive dinghy sailing will find this book invaluable.



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